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Aaron's Journey

Aarron's Journey-Lasting Moments:

Aarron's Journey is my vision of photographing families that have terminally ill family members and present them with a DVD of images that they will cherish for years to come. Aarron's Journey is in rememberance of my son Aarron that passed away 2 hours after he was born in 1997. One of the things that I regret is that I don't have a portrait of him and I together. My desire is to give this gift to others through photography so that when there love one is no longer with them in body, they will have these images to bring them a smile for years to come. I had the pleasure of photographing my friend to the right last year and she passed away in June of this year. style="font-size: medium;"I was able to create a DVD of images to give to her mom to bring her comfort and hopefully to help her to smile on those sad days.

If you know of families that are in need of this service, please contact me at 972-293-7262 or email me at I will be taking on 1 family a month for the time being. Your privacy is my main goal.

Thank you